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Noreaster's main mast is Bright Finished 9" DIA Glued Douglas Fir. Read on for more technical information.

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Noreaster Specifications
Electrical System Hull
Fittings Machinery
General Mast
Hardware Rigging
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L.O.A. : *60’
L.W.L. : *54’
Beam: *16’2"
Draft: *6’4"
Gross Ton: 43
Net: 29
Ballast: Internal Cement & Lead
Designer: William Hand
Builder: Charles Anderson
Year Built: 1927
Rebuilt: 1991
Navigation Limits: Eastport, Me to Cedar Key, FL; Canada, Bahamas, & Caribbean
Vessel’s Berth: Hamburg Cove, CT
Hull back to top
Type of Construction
Topsides: 2" Teak Planking with Splintered Seams All New in 1991
Bottom: 2" Planked Teak with Caulked Seams
Stem: 6" Oak Sided Plumb Stem
Stern: Triple Planked Mahogany Transom New in 1991
Frames: 5 1/4 x 6" Double Sawn Oak 80% Replaced in 1991
Floor Timbers: Oak Lower Frame Futtocks
Fasteners: 20x4" Silicon Bronze Screws and 1/2" Bronze Frame Bolts all new 1991
Deck Beams: 2 3/4 x 4" White Oak
Decks: Caulked & Laid Teak
Keel: 8" Oak Sided Skeg Keel With Attached Rudder
Centerboard: None
Skeg: Oak & Bronze
Worm Shoe: 2" Pine
Bilge: Clean
Superstructure: Tongue and Grove Pine Deck House and Teak After House Rebuilt in 1992
Bulkheads: Double Diagonal Pine and Miscellaneous Partitions
Ventilation: 2 – Companionways; 12 – Drop Windows; 1 – Doorway; 1 – Sky Light; 1 – Hatch; 18 Opening Portholes
Interior: Forward cabin with head forward followed by port and starboard settee. Next aft is the galley with ladder up to the pilot house. The pilot house has seat aft and a side mounted table. Ladder aft goes down to the engine room and aft of the engine room is the aft cabin. This cabin has port and starboard hanging lockers followed by port and starboard berths. Aft to port is the head.
Fittings and Hardware back to top
Deck Hardware: Cast Bronze
Steering Gear: Right angle gears to cwire cable steering
Radar: Fruno 8100
Loran-C: Northstar 900 GPS/Loran
Compass: 8" Kelvin White Spherical Compass
Depth Finder: Datamarine International Offshore; 3030 Remote; Corinthian II
Horn: Compressed Air Horn & Whistle
Machinery back to top
Main Engine-Location: Engine room aft of Pilot House
Number Type: 1- Diesel
Make: General Motors
Model: (S) 4-71
Number of Cylanders: 4
RPM: 2150
HP: 165
Year: 1950
Approximate Speed: 8KT
Engine Bed: Oak
Reduction Gear: 4 1/2 to 1 Allison Hydraulic
Engine Cooling System: Closed Fresh Water
Ventilation: Atmosphere
Propeller: Fixed Four Blade
Spare: Fixed Three Blade
Propeller Shafts: 2 1/2" Stainless Steel
Mast and Rigging back to top
Main Mast: 9" DIA Glued Douglas Fir Bright Finished – New 1991
Mixx: 7" DIA Glued Douglas Fir Bright Finished – New 1991
Booms: Main, Mizz, & Club Booms Glued Douglas Fir – 1991
Main & Mix Gaff’s Glued Douglas Fir Bright Finished – New 1991
Standing Rigging: 7/16 & 1/2" Stainless Steel Wire All New 1991
Running Rigging: 3- Braided Dacron New 1991
Sails: Main, Mizen, Club Jib
Cover & Awnings: 3- Sail Covers; Awning
Electrical System back to top
Auxiliary Generator: Northern Lights
Location: Engine Room
Ventilation: Atmosphere
Model: PX-G303/M753
Kilowatts: 8KW
Voltage: 240/120
Number of Cylanders: 3
RPM: 1800
Cooled: Closed Fresh Water
Exhaust Line: Water Jacketed
Cooled: Raw Water Cooled
Carburetor, type: NA
Flame Arrestor: NA
Fuel Pump: Mechanical
Filter: Raycor
Bowls: NA
Storage Batteries, Engine: 32 Volt Heavy Duty Batteries; 1-12 Volt for General Start-up
Lighting: Served from above & 2-12 Volt Batteries for Electricity
Lighting System: 12 Volt DC, 32 Volt DC, 120 Volt AC, 240 Volt AC
Battery Installation: In Fiberglass Lined Boxes
Wiring: Multi Stranded PVC Jacketed Copper Wire Rated for Marine Service
Switchboard: Custom 12 Volt DC & 32 Volt DC Circuit Breaker Panel
Custom 120 Volt AC &240 Volt AC Circuit Breaker Panel
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